a couple weeks ago, i borrowed ava’s demon characters to try out watercolors and i’ve been practicing since then cus BOY do i need it. it’s not a medium i’m used to /sigh

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Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter

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Be my valentine?

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My thoughts for the future three unknown demons. 

1. Sloth, the demon here looks like a mushroom theme. Reminds me of use of herbs in medicine, mainly sleep aids. Could be incense related because of  the smog and smokey body surrounding him/her.I rearranged the letters a few times in an anagram and also found the latin translation for sloth and thought that sounded like a cool name.


I want to say this is her potion, looks like a tablet in there. Sleep medication ? or maybe some sort of sedative.

2.Gluttony,  the only evidence that points to this sin being associated with him/her is the animals in her pact page. The animals seen have cuts or scars where the stomach, head, and legs are. Could be coincidence but that’s commonly where you eat from an animal.Every time I tried to anagram the name it sounded all wrong so I stuck with the original latin translation of the word.


This has to be the gluttony potion, because a tooth is inside. Relates again to eating stuff.

3.Greed, The various gems and crystal bodies seems to point in that direction. The plan page also shows him/her holding crystals in one hand while some ghosts loom behind. I’m taking a stab in the dark here but could this demon have killed for wealth ? Once again latin translation gives us a cool name, and also anagramming it.


This would be their potion as it has little gold pieces in it. Further tying into the possession of wealth and riches.

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practicing my fav char o3o


Ava is (not) upset about having to hold Odin’s hand. 

Commission done by Osi


Yeaah… I love this new characters design. Had to make some more Ava’s Demon fanart!